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On May 17, 1971, Godspell opened off-Broadway. Five decades later, A Godspell Family Celebration is an online zoom gathering for anyone who has ever been involved in a production of Godspell. Professional or amateur, Broadway or church basement, you are part of the Godspell family. Join us!

A Godspell story

Among the many amazing stories we came across was from BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL. Read how the two-time Tony Award recipient started his theatre career, thanks to Godspell. Go to "Your Godspell Story Is Your Life Story" (below).


Attendance is limited


Family Voices

We hear you loud and clear! Many of you have told us what Godspell means to you, and you can't wait for the event. Let's start the sharing right away.

One attendee will


The Manhattan Club in NYC

You'll be steps from the Theatre District and Times Square, right along Midtown Manhattan.

Currently valued at $3,100. Prize is not transferrable. Dates are Feb. 5-12, 2022. Must be present to win and meet other eligibility rules (see prize rules).

Background photo courtesy of David Helmstetter.

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Go to the Prizes page for info.

Panel Discussions

Godspell’s past to the present and those whose lives were touched by it.

Show & Tell

A fun forum for sharing show artifacts and memorabilia.

Breakout Rooms

Moderated by those who experienced Godspell through a unique lens, just like you - actors who played specific characters, directors, musicians, etc. 

Makeup Contest

Show up in your Godspell-inspired painted faces – prizes for the most spirited!

Your Godspell Story

It's open-mic time for your funniest, touching or spine-tingling Godspell story. Best story tellers win prizes and may be invited to retell their tale at the Monday night event. Everyone is welcome to listen in.

Faces of Godspell

Photos submitted by cast members from around the world, representing every realm of theatre. Send a photo!

In Memoriam

A tribute to our departed comrades by those who remember them. Submit a photo.





This is your chance to put your Godspell family front and center! Visit the Faces of Godspell breakout room to cheer on your and other Godspell tribes old and new.


Pay tribute to a departed yet cherished member of your Godspell family. Photos will appear in a presentation and shown at the event in a breakout room. 




Selected photos will be displayed at the Celebration on Saturday & Sunday 

We will do our best to include your photo and may also feature it in A Godspell Family Celebration activities, including at the event, this website, social media, etc. The information and images you submit will be used solely for A Godspell Family Celebration and activities related to it.

University HS Orlando FL 2016.jpg
sindy david and brian godspell old globe

Brian Stokes Mitchell

At right as "Lamar" with

Sindi McKay and David Meyers

I played the part of Lamar in Godspell at the Old Globe Theatre when I was 16 years old. After that production, the actor who played Jesus in Godspell called me to audition for a multicultural improvisation performance group that also had companies in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He told me if it all went well, I would be able to get my Equity card and transfer to the Los Angeles company. It was a no-brainer decision for me. And sure enough, in a short time, I was on my way to beginning my acting career in Los Angeles with my Equity card in hand!

Birdsboro PA - 2013.jpg

Jessica Pennington

Birdsboro, PA -- 2013

Alpha Omega Players

This show holds a special place in my heart. Not only did I have the opportunity to perform with some of my closest friends, but I had the chance to create new bonds along the way! The roller coaster emotional ride that is Godspell was very cathartic and healing in ways that I never thought a show could offer. I loved performing "By My Side" nightly. Little did my cast members know that I technically had someone "by my side" every night since I was eight weeks pregnant with my daughter during our performances!


J. Scott Strayer

Bellingham, WA -- 1975

Western Washington State College

I had the starring role in a summer stock production of Godspell. The stage designers used metal pipe to create a faux cross-piece that my character was "crucified" on. As we all came out to take bows at the end of the show, I came up too fast and hit my head on one of those pipes. I would have passed out if I hadn't hung on to my fellow cast members! Best show of my life.




Background photo: University High School Production 2016, Orlando, FL. Courtesy of Rose Ream.


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