Kathy Hochberg

I have been a pediatric nurse since graduation in 1973, which is when I became "spellbound." A friend of mine, the director of our local community theater, asked me to try out for a little show he was doing called Godspell. I was in my 20's, working and going to school and wondering how I would ever fit rehearsals into the mix, but he was my friend and still is to this day, so I said yes! I was in the show amidst many different incarnations and cast members for five years, when I met my husband and started a family. I have never done any other theater work and use my gifts in other ways. I have always followed anything having to do with the show and as a result, over the years have met some pretty wonderful people. I have carried the love, life lessons and joy that this experience has given me for fifty years now and will no doubt be spellbound for another fifty.