Larry Carpenter

Larry Carpenter is a principal and Creative Director for Joyous and HiLarryous Productions, the producers of A Godspell Family Celebration and creators of the Godspell Former Cast Members Facebook group.


Larry played Stephen in the Old Globe Theatre's 1974-75 production of the show, directed by Jack Tygett. Though nothing was ever quite as rewarding as doing Godspell, Larry went on to act in musicals including Fiddler on the Roof, Sweeney Todd, Personals, Big River, Angry Housewives and many more. His directorial credits include 6 Women with Brain Death and, of course, a couple of productions of Godspell. When he was writing a musical about Hawaii, Larry moved there, ostensibly to do research. It proved to be the best move of his life. There he met Joy Kitamori (the Joyous of Joyous and HiLarryous), and they got married on a pirate ship in the middle of Honolulu Harbor.


Larry worked in Honolulu writing and directing TV and radio commercials until it eventually drove him crazy. How Joy and Larry got to Chicago is too long of a story for here, but that is where Larry became very active in developing new musicals through the mentorship of John Sparks. He wrote book and lyrics and some of the music for several musicals that were produced in Chicago, Las Vegas and Cedar City, Utah, including Song-Poems Wanted and Marcie, the Marvelous Tree.


For the past 15 years, Larry has found another role almost as satisfying as playing Stephen -- he has been a professional Santa Claus at malls, events, in plays and his own stage and podcast creation, "Santa Says." Larry obviously identifies with men of great faith. And he has faith that "A Godspell Family Celebration" will prove to be almost as emotionally rewarding as doing the show.